Survey of Australian PBRNs

In 2013, the APCReN Working Group developed a questionnaire designed to elicit information about the purpose, structure and function of each identified PBRN network. Surveys were primarily completed by phone or face-to-face interview although some PBRN representatives chose to complete the survey by self-report. In almost all networks, the academic lead or network coordinator completed the survey.

The survey was designed to collect details on the following information:
Organisational Structure
• Membership
• Governance and Staffing
• Communication
• Operational Activities
• Research Projects
• Education/Training Roles
• Partnerships/Linkages with other organisations
• Funding
• Current level of operation
• Capacity to engage in research opportunities

To obtain a copy of the survey questions or to complete the survey please download the pdf below.

Download (PDF, 361KB)

PBRN Survey Findings

Seventeen PBRNs so far have responded to the request to provide information to APCReN.

Table 1 lists the name of each PBRN for whom details have been gathered, the host organisation, the year the PBRN was established, the geographical area represented by the PBRN, the number of participants/practices or members, decision making process, member professions included and some examples of recent research activities.

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