WHO CAN JOIN?

APCReN is an umbrella organisation for other PBRN organisations. It is anticipated that individuals interested in joining will either currently be an active member of a PBRN or would like to participate in a PBRN yet to be established.

If you are a current member at one of these listed PBRNs then you are already a member of APCReN.

PBRN Member:  An individual(s) representative of an existing or planned PBRN in Australia. PBRNs are networks of individuals working in primary care with the intention of undertaking or conducting research. Some networks may be a loose affiliation of practices or practice staff, while others may be more developed and have complex governance arrangements in place.

Non-PBRN Member:  An individual(s) representative of an organisation seeking opportunity to learn about current PBRN activities and processes for collaboration and/or engagement with primary care networks at a variety of levels (local, regional, state, national).



Application for Membership

  • Please outline briefly why you wish to join APCReN if the main reason is not in the above list