About Us

The Australian Primary Care Research Network (APCReN) is a national support service for Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) across Australia.  APCReN is housed at The University of Melbourne, in the General Practice and Primary Health Care Academic Centre.

The Australian Association for Academic Primary Care (AAAPC) established APCReN in 2013 with funding from the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI).



APCReN facilitates research in primary care by:

  • building linkages between existing PBRNs
  • providing advocacy  for PBRNs
  • supporting the establishment of new PBRNs
  • sharing PBRN knowledge and resources


 Why does Australia need a National PBRN?

Good health practice, health policy and health service planning rely upon relevant, high quality research. Although most health care occurs in the community, research in community settings receives very little funding in comparison to hospital or laboratory-based research.

One reason for this is that conducting research involving patients, practitioners or systems out in the community is logistically challenging.

By providing an infrastructure to support practice-based research, PBRNs can help overcome these difficulties and help generate research that is relevant to both clinical practice and health policy.

APCReN represents a new opportunity for PBRNs to link up to be part of a national network of PBRNs.